Kylie Jenner has just surpassed herself in the luxury accessories game and it’s something we never imagined we’d write.

The young millionaire entrepreneur’s weakness for Hermès’ iconic Birkin bags is no secret and she owns an entire collection of them. Now the 23-year-old is also the happy owner of a pair of luxurious sandals made on the Birkenstock model and made with a ” destroyed ” Birkin bag.

That’s right, the new comfortable sandals were made using the skin of a deconstructed Birkin, otherwise known as the most expensive bag in the world, whose price starts from 10,000 euros to go up to truly stratospheric figures for the most luxurious models.

The “cool mom” shared with an Instagram Story the incredible footwear tagging and ringing MSCHF, the brand that created this UNOFFICIAL collaboration between the two brands she called “Birkinstock”. It, therefore, means that it is presumably a gift and that he did not even pay for it.

How much will a pair of sandals made with the most coveted bag ever cost? According to The Cut, MSCHF (which made only about 10 specimens) is selling them for between $34,000 and $76,000.

Considering how much Birkin bags increase in value over time, which is why it is also collected by men including rapper Drake, it is likely that these sandals may have a similar power of financial growth and become a sure investment.


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Why did MSCHF create the Birkenstock? Daniel Greenberg, the 23-year-old Head of Strategy at MSCHF, recently told the New York Times that:

We’re just a little fascinated by destroying expensive things and creating something new from them.”

The Birkin is the holy grail of luxury fashion since there are only 200 thousand specimens in the world, there is a waiting list to get it and Hermès does not sell it to people who are not already loyal customers of the brand.