Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn rent London home


The couple has decided to remain in the British capital by blocking the Covid-19 and rent the house to a rocker.

Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn are renting a house together in London. The couple was forced to remain in the UK due to new restrictions on the coronavirus and currently lives in a residence in the north of the city, which is renting to a famous British rock star, whose name was not revealed, according to The Sun newspaper.

A source told the Bizarre column of the paper that Taylor and Joe are very secretive about their relationship:

“They keep things extremely quiet together … nobody knows much about how things are going, but the fact that they’ve decided to share a home for the first time is a very clear sign that they’re closer than ever (…) they were there for most of the blockade. Taylor doesn’t think flying around the world is the right thing to do now. She wants to follow the rules, and doing it together makes sense to them, ” remarked the source.

“She still has her homes in the United States, so she hasn’t moved permanently. But it works for now and it’s the first time they really have a place just for the two of them. “the informant assured.

Despite their fame, the couple, who were recently seen on a walk through a local park, managed to stay discreet and go unnoticed by the neighbors.

“They’re really normal, they drive a very discreet car and they just go for a walk. You’d never know that one of the biggest stars in the world lives there, ” admitted the source.


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