Shia LaBeouf wants FKA Twigs to pay her lawyers


The actor denies the allegations of abuse against him and demands that the accuser pay the court’s expenses.

Shia LaBeouf wants FKA Twigs to cover the legal charges of his indictment.

Following confirmation that Shia LaBeouf is admitted to a rehabilitation clinic and works on his problems, the actor, through his advice, denies the allegations of abuse made by his former FKA Twigs, and demands that the singer covers all legal expenses of his charges against him.

The accusations were two months after Twigs, whose real name is Tahliah Barnett, sued the 34-year-old actor for “tormenting” her with a firearm while driving, and allegedly consciously passing on an STD, among other similar charges of violence and abuse during their relationship.

In response to the lawsuit, Disturbia’s flagship team sent a statement to People magazine, stating:

“He denies, in general, and specifically, each and every charge of Barnett’s complaint. It denies that Barnett has any prejudice or loss for any act or omission by LaBeouf, and denies that Barnett is entitled to any amount of damages. “.

In addition to denying the charges, LaBeouf asks Twigs to cover legal fees and “any other fees that the Court deems fair and appropriate”.


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