Pitbull believes Britney Spears should take back control of her life


The rapper is said in favor of “freedom and independence,” and hopes Spears will break with the cycle in her life.

Rapper Pitbull, who toured with Britney Spears early in her career, said he hopes she will gain full control of her stuff again, after it was confirmed that her father will remain her guardian, along with Bessemer Trust Company.

When asked this week about her colleague’s situation, she said: “Britney gave me a wonderful opportunity to travel with her around Europe. I’m a great friend of his agent, Larry Rudolph,” he said.

“You know, I’m for freedom, for independence. This has been happening to Britney for years. I hope they break this cycle. And I hope she can control her own destiny,” she said.

During a hearing earlier this week in a Los Angeles courtroom, Britney Spears’ lawyer said the singer no longer wants her father to be in charge of her stuff.

Britney came under his tutelage in 2008 after a mental breakdown, but Pitbull believes it’s time for Gimme More’s performer to be in control again.

In statements to Dax Holt of the Hollywood Raw show, he explained, “Controlling your own destiny doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to do everything right the first time. It’s not that. They’re not called ‘mistakes’, they’re called ‘we have to do,’ and mistakes don’t make who you are… You know you don’t make mistakes, mistakes make you. She needs a chance to be herself. She needs a chance to live her life,” she said.

“She needs an opportunity to control her own destiny and create her own future. That said … Release Britney!” asked the singer.


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