Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are divorcing due to coronavirus


The rapper would not have endured the life of confinement by quarantine, so he went to Wyoming and left Kim and the children at home.

According to a US Weekly source, problems between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West began in March last year with the coronavirus quarantine.

Kanye was “struggling to adapt” to quarantined life when he decided to move to his ranch in Wyoming, without Kim and his children.

“One thing’s for sure: Kanye is the kind of person who can’t keep quiet and goes crazy when he’s trapped at home,” the source added.

While Kim entertained her children at home, also adapting to pandemic times, the rapper ‘fled’ to his studio in search of peace and quiet. And that’s what Kim didn’t forgive.

The socialite tried to spend time with him in Wyoming, but West’s “productive” lifestyle did not please the socialite and entrepreneur.

“It’s very individualistic … he has a studio at his home in Wyoming, so he went to his study sessions every day … and it wasn’t for a few hours. She usually didn’t come back until 3 a.m., leaving Kim alone with the children, waiting for him,” the fountain continued.

“And when Kanye came home, Kim used to faint in bed, to be so tired. He slept with the children by his side as a company (…) he got tired of it,” the informant justifies.

This ‘behavior’ of Kanye disappointed Kim:

“With blockade and quarantine, he thought he was going to have Kanye by his side, but it was only a few weeks that endured this lockdown,” he says.

According to the American press, the couple separate and prepare the children for divorce.


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