Halle Berry rates his ex as an “extortion”


The actress lashed out at her ex, Gabriel Aubry, father of her daughter Nahla, and Olivier Martinez, father of her son Maceo.

Halle Berry has always tried to keep the privacy of the problems he faces with his ex, Gabriel Aubry, father of his daughter Nahla, and Olivier Martinez, father of his son Maceo.

But this week the actress broke the silence and called her child support payments “extortion” in an apparent ‘puncture’ against the French-Canadian model.

The 54-year-old actress was ordered to pay Aubry, 44, in 2014, $16,000 a month to help with her 12-year-old daughter Nahla, and she suggested that she does not believe the payments are “reasonable” and request in court that both parents assume financial responsibility for their children.

Earlier this week, Halle shared a meme on Instagram that read ‘women owe you nothing’, attracting a lot of feedback from her followers.

And in response, the actress – who did not mention Gabriel by name – wrote: “It takes a lot of strength every day to pay for it. And by the way, it’s wrong and it’s extortion! I’ve been paying for a decade. I feel that if a woman or a man has to make a living, which is much more than he needs to help SUPPORT the child, I think this is wrong! I understand that some parents (male or female) may need help, but I also feel that in modern times, both men and women, have a responsibility to take financial care of their children and work hard and put all their efforts into doing so.”

Halle, who also has Maceo for seven years with his ex-Mario Olivier Martinez, believes the law allows some parents to abuse the system to get more money for themselves.

She wrote, “As many laws are established, people can USE children to receive money to live a lifestyle that not only is not earned but is far beyond the reasonable needs of the child and is ‘INCORRECT’ and where I see abuse,’ she added, criticizing that alimony laws in the United States are “outdated” and insisted that they “no longer reflect the modern world.”

Halle added: “I can say that I’m experiencing this every day and I can say it’s hard. I fully understand the feelings of those men who feel that the system has taken advantage of them and them.”


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