Angelina Jolie makes an elegant appearance on a walk with her daughters


The actress went shopping with her two daughters, Zahara and Shiloh, who are already young women.

Angelina Jolie surprised viewers while shopping with her two eldest daughters, Zahara, 16, and Shiloh, 14, in Los Angeles.

The Maleficent actress went out this weekend shopping with her daughters looking as meticulous as ever.

Jolie wore an elegant black long coat with a black mask and black boots for the occasion.

Due to the lockdown, the actress barely found he he he or she was quarantined at home, with her six children. The few times she came out, the 45-year-old actress made sure she looked immaculate in her style.

She drew attention to the appearance of her daughters, especially Shiloh, who appeared very feminine, unlike previous appearances.

Golden Globe winner and a loving mother, Jolie, spoke to British Vogue in great detail about her quarantined family life.

“I think, like most families, we’ve had something bigger with the pandemic,” he added.

“But, of course, you also have these life markers. We went into it after leaving the hospital with Zahara [who underwent surgery early last year], and we were so happy that she was fine that we entered the lockdown in a different state of mind,” she added.


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