Will Smith will star in the thriller ‘Fast & Loose’


The actor’s character will find himself disoriented, injured and with no memory in an unknown location.

Will Smith is preparing to start his new film project. He will star in the next film by famed director David Leitch, responsible for the popular sagas of ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Fast and Furious’, among others.

According to Deadline, Smith is the protagonist of the thriller ‘Fast & Loose’, which will be set in the Mexican city of Tijuana.

In the story, Will’s character, John Riley, will find himself disoriented, wounded, and with no memory of any of the episodes that have taken him to his current location.

According to the publication, Riley is now beginning a complicated adventure to recover his memories and discover that one of his work was as a double CIA agent, and another as a kingpin of a Mexican criminal organization.