Offset is sued for $100,000 for car dealership


The rapper, Cardi B’s husband, rented a Bentley in July and never returned it.

Rapper Offset has been named in a lawsuit of more than $100,000 by a Bentley who rented from a Los Angeles car rental service last year.

The service, Platinum Transportation Group, claimed cardi B’s husband, 29, rented a Bentley Bentayga 2020 from the company last spring, TMZ reported, citing court documents.

The company said the rapper agreed to rent the luxury car in May for a few days, paying about $600 a day, according to court documents.

The Georgian native made multiple requests to extend the rental extension period, the plaintiff told the court, and subsequently reached an agreement that allowed him to use the vehicle until July.

The rap artist, whose real name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus, informed the car rental service in early July that he did not have the vehicle in his possession and did not know where it was.

Offset stopped making payments for the luxury vehicle on July 25, the leasing company said, and did not return the car to them. The police are already investigating the whereabouts of the car.

The rapper was seen over the weekend in Tampa Bay with his wife Cardi B, participating in the pre-Super Bowl festivities.


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