Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom prepare intimate ceremony to get married


The couple has had to postpone the plans for the pandemic, but apparently, they can’t take it anymore.

Having a baby during a pandemic really changed the wedding plans of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, but according to Heat magazine, the couple doesn’t want to wait any longer to get married and is already preparing for a discreet but romantic ceremony, with the important presence of their daughter, Daisy Dove.

Away from the original planning, of a mega wedding in Japan, the singer and the actor have decided that they want an intimate ceremony, on the beach near their home in Santa Barbara, California, with very few guests and their family.

“They want something that’s not ostentatious and has a lot of social awareness to reflect where they are today,” said a source close to the couple.

“Somehow, the idea of a big party seems wrong. They love each other and they’re engaged, and that’s what matters. Both agree that your child should be part of the ceremony, attended by family and only a few friends. “, they point out.

And although Perry and Bloom, who welcomed Daisy last summer, originally planned to marry in Japan, they are apparently happy to keep things discreet.

“Katy and Orlando always said they don’t need a role to be happy, but they definitely want that to happen for a number of reasons,” the informant says.

“First of all, it will be a beautiful event for your loved ones and for Daisy, of course. You will be able to look at the photos for years and see how her parents fell even more in love after she entered their lives. Katy and Orlando are closer now than ever,” she says.

“They’re trying to make this happen soon, and as soon as the coronavirus restrictions finally end thanks to the vaccine, they’ll have a big party and honeymoon somewhere farther away. They still hope to be able to include Japan in their plans.”


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