Right now Olivia Wilde is busy filming Don’t Worry Darling, her second directorial film, after The Losers Rematch of 2019.

As you know, the film was a galley, as the love between the 36-year-old and Harry Styles – one of the film’sprotagonists – was born during filming. But this time no gossip, we want to talk instead about the way the actress/director works, something that would be great to apply in any work environment.

Olivia has in fact established the” No A-holes Policy” on her film sets, which we can translate as “No Str***i Politics”.


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In a new interview with Variety, the director explained what it is and what inspired her to create the ” NoA–holes Policy“:

Someone, who is a very established actor and director in this industry, gave me really terrible advice that was helpful to me because I knew I had to do the opposite,” Olivia shared.

She said: ‘Listen, you have to raise your voice three times a day to get respect on a set, you have to fight three times a day. Three great discussions that restore your power, remind everyone that you’re in charge, be the predator.’ This is the opposite of my process. And I don’t want any of this,” he continued.

I think it’s an unfortunate part of the kind of paradigm, which has been created over the last 100 years, the idea that great art must come from a place of discomfort and anxiety,” Olivia said. “That the pressure pot must reach such a point to lead to something intense and precious. I think it takes an exclusively female instinct to say, ‘Look, we can grow up. And we can do multiple things at once.’ It doesn’t mean someone has to feel uncomfortable. And that doesn’t mean I have to constantly remind you of my position, because I don’t think anyone on a set has ever forgotten who’s in charge. In fact, it’s an incredibly hierarchical system.”

He concluded: “The No A-holes Policy puts everyone on the same level. I also noticed working as an actress for years how the hierarchy of the set separated the actors from the crew in this very strange way that nobody needs… I think actors really like to know more about what’s going on when I frame them. What is that lens change? But the idea of not disturbing the actors and keeping them separate, and not watching them, I think makes everyone pretty anxious.”


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Okay, now we understand why Harry Styles fell in love with Olivia Wilde. I mean, she’s a big one.


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