Experts comment on Prince William’s dynamics with Kate Middleton


Having been born a “plebeian”, Kate Middleton has struggled to integrate into the royal family.

Real experts and commentators have come forward to shed some light on the true nature of the dynamics of Prince William’s old relationship with Kate Middleton.

This statement was presented by narrator Glynis Barber. In his documentary When the Middletons Met the Monarchy stated:

“As a commoner, born into a middle-class English family, Kate’s integration into the royal family has not been easy.”

According to the Express newspaper, even the royals’ author, Robert Jobson, intervened to say, “Kate and William started dating, but discreetly.”

“No one knew much about it, only his closest circle of friends. There is talk that when Prince Charles was younger, his girlfriends used to call him ‘sir’. I can’t imagine that William would be something like that.”