It often happens that there is a social media manager or a communication agency to help this or that star post on their Instagram and other social accounts, but this is not the case with Zendaya.

The actress has let it be known that she is the one herself who manages her social profiles and that no one else has passwords.

 I care a lot about my Instagram– so no one else has access to it apart from me – he told the podcast The HFPA in Conversation – I think it’s important, to be honest with these things.”


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According to the 24-year-old, managing her Instagram means posting content and interacting with likes and comments, but also knowing when to take a break from online platforms.

“I was more active when I was younger but over time I feel that it makes me feel anxious or that I start thinking too much or that I’m on the phone too. My relationship with all this is totally personal to me but it’s also something I want to carve out small spaces from,” she continued.

I think my fans who know me and feel that they are very understanding with me, respect this because they understand that I am a human being and they want me to have a life and be happy beyond social media.

Even if you don’t see her post every day, Zendaya wants you to let her know that she’s always there for her fans: “They’re always there. They know they’re there. They know it’s really me but it’s an important thing for me to have my time and not be sucked into a phone.”


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