Zendaya responds to reviews received for scenes of passion in ‘Euphoria’


Criticism from her fans is that she performs the scenes with an actor who is much older than her.

Zenayda responds to the criticism she has received for the scenes of passion she made in the series ‘Euphoria’, with an actor with which she has a lot of age difference.

Apparently the actress’ fans haven’t liked seeing her with a person who’s been with her for several years, and Zenayda responds to these comments: “I’ve been bringing 16-year-old girls to life since I turned 16. It should also be remembered that many people have grown up with me. I guess it’s like seeing your little brother or little sister who’s grown up now. So people have a hard time getting used to the idea that I’ve got older.”

Zenayda’s co-star in the series has also talked about it, reminding everyone that she has more experience than he does in the film industry, adding, “I’m not worried about the truth because she’s a grown woman. People are going to realize in this movie, the woman who’s become.”