Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were friends for years before becoming a couple in 2019.

The singer explained in the past that he had been in love with her for some time before they got together and now he has told the exact moment when he learned that his colleague reciprocated his feelings!

I think I’ve been insisting for a long time on how I felt about her – she recalled in an interview on SiriusXM radio – At one point I was in Canada and I was having dinner with two of my friends, when I got a message of hers saying, “Okay, that’s fine. I like you. Okay, there’s something here.”

Romantic as always, Shawn Mendes added that he keeps this message dearly: I still have it. I screenshotted the message. When I received it I said to myself: ‘At last he gave in’. It was great.”


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In the same interview, the 22-year-old explained how Camila Cabello puts herself in the love story: “For her, it’s being completely involved or nothing. I wasn’t like that at the beginning of the relationship and I think a lot of people are afraid of being fully involved because it can hurt you. If it ends, it hurts much more.”

But she taught me that we only have one life and not too much time to spend here, so it’s best to be fully involved if you’re in love, to be there. It’s something I learn every day. She is very patient with me, especially when I am stressed. He’s texting me. And when I’m cranky and, she says, ‘All right, I love you. No matter what happens, I love you.’ This is true strength, patience, and love. It’s great, it’s like a movie.”

Last year, Shawn Mendes revealed that all of his songs are about Camila Cabello– including the ones he wrote before he got with her.

Even earlier, he had explained that he had received a sign of fate that had prompted him to declare his feelings to her!