Gigi Hadid had revealed her baby’s name in December and no one discovered


Now model fans have discovered that in a Christmas photograph there was already the name of her baby, Khai.

Gigi Hadid made headlines last week after she finally revealed her daughter’s name with her boyfriend Zayn Malik, through her Instagram biography.

And while fans have just learned that the power couple called their first daughter Khai, it turns out that the 25-year-old fashion icon had discreetly revealed her name last December through an Instagram post.

The most attentive fans now observed that in the photos published by the model of the family’s Christmas celebrations, a small bucket was placed near the Christmas tree that has the word “Khai” written along with a heart.

Last week, Hadid unleashed a frenzy after she subtly revealed her baby’s name by making a small addition to her Instagram timeline.

“Khai’s mom, ” she wrote.

Soon after, fans discovered the meaning and person they allegedly honored by naming their first daughter Khai Hadid Malik.

A fan commented on the meaning, saying that Khai means “crowned” in Arabic and Gigi has Palestinian roots, while Zayn has Pakistani heritage, so it makes sense for the couple to choose an Arabic name for their little angel.

Other fans also speculated that the name was a nod to the model’s grandmother, Khairiah Hadid.