Rosa Perrotta wears only the sweater: the look is crazy [PHOTO]


Rosa Perrotta, on a day in the middle of winter, wears only the sweater. Her look drives everyone crazy, but there are also those who emphasize another aspect.

It doesn’t matter if there is coronavirus out there. Or rather: it matters, but some shots, albeit in secret or in passing, can always be taken. Especially if you are in Milan, where the red zone is scary again. Indeed, throughout the region, there are fears of a return to the red zone for Covid-19 cases.

Rosa Perrotta, the former tronista of Men and Women, is always struggling with her best shots. Indeed, with her best poses. Right in that of Milan, the city where she lives eats, and sleeps, she occasionally takes a walk. And a shot is not taken into consideration?

In the last Instagram post, she brought four “home”. Each of which represents it differently. Many appreciations for her, then, someone makes a note that does not go unnoticed. On the contrary: she herself replies with grace, but precision.

Just a sweater in Milan: Rosa Perrotta “doesn’t smile”


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In the caption, she describes a typical Sunday, her, in that of Milan: “The dirty shoes of the park ground, an ordinary Sunday and a bit of happiness”. It must be said that Perrotta really finds it with little, especially in a delicate moment like this. Certainly not just yours, but at a corporate level.

In the photos, she is always seen with a very serious expression. A fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed that much. Indeed, a follower writes to her: “Yes, but smile every now and then”. And she does not keep herself waiting (with a lot of winks): “I do it with my heart”.

Between heart and clothing with a truly sensual décolleté. This is Rosa Perrotta, who goes around the city of Milan even though lately she finds her more gray than usual.