Lino Guanciale, what did you do before success? You will never believe it


The well-known actor from Abruzzo, Lino Guanciale, is enjoying unparalleled success. But before he became famous who was he, what did he do?

He made thousands of viewers fall in love with him. Lino Guanciale has become a sex symbol of Italian television, often interpreting the gruff and introverted man. We remember him in Che Dio ci Aiuti which made him known to the general public, then he worked with Mastronardi in L’Allieva in which he plays Claudio Conforti, professor of great success and charm.

Additionally, he also re-played the role of a lawyer, but this time alongside Vanessa Incontrada in Don’t Tell My Boss. In a few days, a new television series of which he is the protagonist will debut on Rai Uno. The fiction is called Il Commissario Ricciardi and is taken from the novels of Maurizio de Giovanni. But who was the charismatic and fascinating Lino Guanciale before becoming the forbidden dream of millions of Italians?

Lino Guanciale and the past as a sportsman, a failed rugby player

By now everyone knows the great success of the Abruzzese actor. Lino Guanciale has managed to make himself loved by most of the viewers who can’t wait every time to know what role he will play. His past, however, has not always been dedicated to acting, but his passion and love for this art came later. Initially, Lino Guanciale devoted himself to the sport, especially Rugby. In fact, he participated in the under 16 and under 19 youth national teams.

He graduated from high school with honors and then tried to take the Medicine test. In short, a classic! Despite having passed the exam, he gave up and then enrolled in Literature and Philosophy. The appeal to his real passion was too strong, so he gave up his studies and went to the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome, graduating in 2003.