Francesca Cipriani, all tight, underlines the shapes: absurd [PHOTO]


The showgirl Francesca Cipriani has published a post where she shows her curvy physique through a very tight dress

Hiding Francesca Cipriani’s curves is a difficult task and in the last post, she certainly did her best not to hide them. “After the storm, the sun always comes out”, with these words the showgirl made her debut on social media, but the eye does not fall on thought but on something else. Very tight as always and with a black and white suit.

The final touches, even if it were not just small changes, have paid off and now Francesca finds the right moment to show them all. Ready with her outfit to enter Barbara D’Urso’s living room. But here, the fun that the showgirl usually gives way to a stronger story of her life.

Francesca Cipriani, the story from Barbara D’Urso

Generally, it is usual to see Francesca Cipriani in the guise of a light woman and ready to spend a few minutes of sympathy when she takes part in television programs. Last night she participated in Barbara D’Urso’s show, Domenica – Live, but not in a comic capacity. The showgirl told of a sad experience that happened to her seventeen years ago.

Francesca was 19 and was in the shop when suddenly a man walked in and started bothering her. She said that it was a very strong person and that for this reason, she could not break away from her grip. The story lasted for more than an hour, then she felt bad, and at which point she slowed down she managed to escape.

When her mother reached her it was late and she was worried, then she realized what had happened and took her daughter first to the hospital and then to file a complaint. The man who raped her was in prison for two years because she had a clean record, but she will not be able to attend meeting places where women are present. Francesca’s advice is to report immediately!