Caterina Balivo dances around the city: the cut is divine [VIDEO]


Caterina Balivo happy and dancing for the city: the presenter has a very particular mission but the fans notice and appreciate her movements

Former model, today Caterina Balivo is one of the most famous presenters of State TV, among the best known and loved by the public. A long career in Rai and successful broadcasts conducted, from “ Festa Italiana ” to “ Detto Fatto ” up to “ Vieni da Me ”, all afternoon containers, the time slot where the Balivo has received the greatest fortunes.

The presenter, however, after successful broadcasts, is now waiting for a new challenge, a program of her own where she can once again make a difference. In the meantime, she is back on TV with ” the masked singer “, the show by Milly Carlucci in which she plays the role of the juror.

Born in 1980 and married since 2004 to Guido Maria Brera, she has two children, Guido Alberto and Cora. she has a blog, Caterina’s Secrets, where she updates fans on her work but also reveals 360 ° advice, from TV programs to everyday situations.

Caterina Balivo: attention to the environmental issue

Almost one and a half million followers on Instagram, a profile in which she is the main protagonist with close-ups and images showing the outfits chosen during the day and for every occasion. A sober account, between sensuality and daily life, in which she is divided between the role of mother, struggling with the stove and shopping up to that of influencer, between travels, trips and walks to discover the places in our country.

And in the last video published, with a little expedient, Balivo wanted to focus attention on public parks. In the images, she is seen dancing and ” teleporting ” from one park to another in the city of Rome, where she resides with her family. A video of great impact for the beautiful presenter who asked everyone to respect green spaces.

Caterina Balivo, on the other hand, is very sensitive to the environmental issue, and on more than one occasion she has wanted to emphasize the attention and protection of natural spaces, too mistreated and degraded in our cities. She wears a denim skirt with black stockings covering her legs and a blue jacket.