Antonella Mosetti, super hot lingerie: the PHOTO is heart attack


Antonella Mosetti wears super hot lingerie before entering the studio. The photo you post on Instagram is really heart attack, but many dispute it.

Everyone enters the studio as they see fit, just keep that minimum of decorum that is now required in television studios. Also because, very often, on TV you can no longer contain yourself. If in other sectors something happens behind the scenes, everything appears in the sunlight on television. And it’s not cheap.

Antonella Mosetti knows it well, and for a while now she appears in really exuberant clothes and makeup. But she really seems to like it that way. Exuberant is the right term, which suits her most of all.

Before entering the studio, for the usual appearance in the “chatted” Live show – It’s not D’Urso, conducted by the national Barbarella, Mosetti shows off really hot lingerie. Then she places herself in front of the “make-up and hair” mirror and lets herself go. But some of her followers pound her relentlessly.

Exuberant make-up, screaming lingerie: Antonella Mosetti without brakes

A truly unrestrained Mosetti. Always two thousand, both in the videos and in the stories, and then end up with her shots or selfies if you want. Like the last one, the one was taken in the mirror before entering the scene from D’Urso. The lingerie is really hot and she really lets it all show.

The followers, however, did not like the ongoing quarrel with Federico Fashion Style. The latter continues to say that Mosetti is reluctant to pay. In fact, someone on her profile labels her as “buffalo la” which in Roman means “full of debt”. A real guerrilla, which we hope will end soon.

Here she is, instead, in a slightly pushed video where, in addition to showing her “dance steps”, she lets herself go in being observed with a rather risque outfit, which “breaks” the screen in all senses.