Veronica Ferraro on the beach is a bomb: the dress is very short [PHOTO]


Veronica Ferraro continues to entertain fans from Dubai. The shots on the beach and the spicy good morning of the influencer: the dress is very short

Always elegant and sensual Veronica Ferraro continues to amaze her followers directly from Dubai. In the Emirates for a week now, the fashion blogger has been enjoying her vacation between beaches and luxury resorts, all carefully published on social media. In the past week, the well-known influencer has delighted her millions of followers with shots in the pool, in a bikini, in evening dress, in short, in all sauces.

In the morning today, however, Ferraro showed herself in a couple of shots on the beach. In the first, the model wears a coat, while in the second space to her skimpy Louis Vuitton dress, which she obviously tagged in the caption. Legs on display and a bewitching look for Veronica, who in a few minutes has reached more than 10 thousand likes and hundreds of comments

Veronica Ferraro enjoys Dubai: fans appreciate

Over the past few weeks and throughout the Christmas period, fans on social media have been divided between those who appreciated the VIPs who stayed at home during the restrictions and those who criticized those who went on vacation without caring about the country‘s difficult timeDefinitely, a question of ethics, respect according to some, and style according to others. Of course, that many well-known faces have decided to stay home despite their abundant financial possibilities, which has pleased some fans.

Influencer and fashion blogger for work, it is well known, they travel the world and travel continents. This is the case of Veronica Ferraro who is in Dubai, and for about a week she has been entertaining her fans with fashionable shots, between one collaboration and another. In the morning of today, January 24, the model showed herself on the beach in two truly breathtaking photos.


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