Stefania Orlando, Roncato withdraws the offenses: the unpublished message appears


The feud between Andrea Roncato and Stefania Orlando seems to have ended sooner than expected. The Bolognese actor has decided to take a step back.

The Big Brother Vip on Monday announced that the production has decided to extend the program again. This is the second time such news has been communicated to competitors. Those of the “old guard” is now inside the most spied house in Italy for four months. The tension is sky high! Stefania Orlando, however, also had to face another very important moment that same evening. In fact, the presenter, Alfonso Signorini, showed the presenter a clip that caused hell.

The ex-husband, Andrea Roncato, a well-known Bolognese actor, gave a truly unsettling interview to Live Non è la D’Urso. He told live on TV that Stefania was the cause of the end of their marriage. “He left me for another!” said the 73-year-old. Obviously, the hippo after seeing the clip was devastated and in the following days she let off steam with her companions. Both inside and outside the house, various controversies have arisen.

Andrea Roncato tired of the controversy: “I’ve always taken all the blame”

After the last episode and the confession of the Bolognese actor, the web was unleashed. Stefania Orlando’s current husband, Simone Gianlorenzi, also intervened, declaring that Roncato had previously made other declarations. Most likely, the ex-husband of the Vippo could not withstand the media storm and turned to the journalist Gabriele Parpiglia to calm the waters.

He said he made a mistake and got involved in a situation he had been out of for about 22 years. ” I have always taken the blame for all these years,” said Andrea“I made a mistake and I take a step back,” concluded Orlando’s ex-husband.