Roberta Morise, the dressing gown opens up to there: heart attack neckline [PHOTO]


Roberta Morise once again leaves the fans breathless with the latest post published on her Instagram profile. The host has a poetic awakening, but fans linger on her beauty

Roberta Morise says good morning to her fans with a beautiful photo posted on her Instagram profile. The well-known model and TV presenter are pictured drinking a cup of coffee, then dedicated herself to poetry, as also underlined among the hashtags in the caption. Born in Cariati, Calabria, in 1986, since adolescence she aspires to make a career in the entertainment world and rise to the fore. In fact, already in 2004, she participated in Miss Italy where she even managed to reach the final.

From then on the presenter does not stop and manages to make her way more and more in the Italian panorama. She began working as a backing vocalist in “I Recommended”, a famous television program hosted by Carlo Conti. However, she makes herself known by the general public thanks to her participation in “L’Eredità”. It is precisely on this occasion that the Morise stands out more, especially in the shock. We will also find it at “The best years” and “Easy Driver”. She also obtained the conduction of “I Fatti Vostri”, broadcast on Rai2.

Roberta Morise gives us a special good morning: breathtaking neckline

In the last post published on her Instagram profile, Morise once again shows all her sensuality. The host shows herself drinking her morning coffee in an elegant white dressing gown. The showgirl publishes a poetic verse in the caption, but the fans notice something else. In fact, she highlights a decidedly sexy neckline that leaves all her followers breathless. Also this time, the flattering comments of fans who wish her a good morning en masse cannot be missing. Below is the post.