Francesca Brambilla, the bathrobe slips: apotheosis of sensuality [PHOTO]


Francesca Brambilla exaggerated: the bathrobe slips down, sensuality to the stars. La Bona Sorte sends Instagram into a tailspin, crazy fans

And the ” Bona Sorte ” of “Avanti un Altro” and Francesca Brambilla has seen her popularity grow dramatically since she plays the very few roles of the fairy in the Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti transmission. Crazy sensuality, the blonde from Bergamo is loved by the public who, for her, even protested on social media.

She was, in fact, in the odor of replacement in her role on the Channel 5 game show, and her fans sent out messages of protest that she wasn’t removed. From there, a sort of contest was born that won hands down despite the really tough opponents. Born in 1992, the Lombard blonde will then see her again on TV starting from next March in the well-known broadcast.

Football is his passion; A Atalanta fan, she took her first steps in local sports programs, up to “ Tiki Taka ” and “ Quelli Che il Calcio ” and then entered the Bonolis program. Last spring, during the lockdown, he ended up in the storm for his trip to Egypt with his mother.

On social media he explained his decision to leave Italy; he did it to protect the sick parent from Covid that scourged the Bergamo area.

Francesca Brambilla in a bathrobe: speechless

Supersensual and very active on social media, it boasts a million followers and it is its shapes that attract boys. La Brambilla, also a DJ, often publishes images in which she appears decidedly undressed, in underwear or bikini for a show that will make anyone’s head spin.

Images that leave you breathless, because the model is really exaggerated. She recently showed herself immersed in a topless tub, with her breasts covered by her hands and only the panties worn. But seeing her in underwear is now the order of the day, with provocative poses and sexy looks to make your blood boil.

In the last image, it gives a good morning effect. Snow-capped mountains in the background, but it is the foreground of her that leaves you stunned. He is wearing a white bathrobe but he slips down, leaving his shoulders bare and showing a hint of breasts. The wet, loose blonde hair on the shoulders completes a show off-limits to the faint of heart.