“Do it yourself!”: Paola di Benedetto and Fede Rossi get caught in the kitchen [VIDEO]


Paola Benedetto increasingly beautiful, also engaged in the kitchen: quarrel with her boyfriend Federico Rossi, the girl’s piqued answer arrives

She is an influencer, winner of the last edition of the Big Brother Vip Paola Di Benedetto, a model with an enchanting body. The popularity on TV initially came with the participation in ” Ciao Darwin “, the transmission conducted by Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti. On that occasion, the girl put her body on display wearing the (few) clothes of Mother Nature.

Born in 1995, the beautiful model is also a former shipwreck on the Island of the Famous and recently a writer; in fact, it came out in bookstores with “ If you believe us “, her first book. The model would like it to have ” motivational purposes “, even able to ” inspire the new generations ” and invite readers to fight for their set goals.

Deep arguments for the girl who on more than one occasion has shown to have very important contents despite her young age. She is also involved in the radio and recently admitted that she is enjoying this experience very much and is helping her to grow in every aspect.

Paola Di Benedetto, the curtain via Instagram


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Very active on Instagram, Paola Di Benedetto has 1.7 million followers. Although he has repeatedly stressed the concept of how he struggled to accept his body, he certainly does not hide it. He felt tomboy, he wore pants instead of a skirt, and still today he has a preference for garments that resemble man.

Yet recently it has shown itself in all its beauty. The dress really minimal but also photos in which he appears in underwear, bodices with a youngster in breath until images in which it appears in bra. Just a few weeks ago, to sponsor a well-known underwear brand, she showed up wearing only the bra for a truly devastating effect.

In an Instagram Stories, nice curtain with the boyfriend Federico Rossi, the ex of the duo Benji & Fede. The two, after a crisis that led to separation, are back together again and seem happy. Faith, in the video, criticized the actions of his partner, guilty of cooking with too much oil.

” You do them ” the piqued response of Di Benedetto who accused the boy of not even knowing how to turn on the electric oven