“Did you make them up again?”: Jessica Morlacchi’s answer is definitive [PHOTO]


Jessica Morlacchi responds in a very clear way to the curiosity of a fan on her Instagram profile. The well-known influencer leaves no doubts on the possible use of plastic surgery

Jessica Morlacchi is very active on her Instagram profile, thanks to which she is becoming increasingly popular in the world of the web, with music-themed content and breathtaking images. Born in Rome in 1987, she was introduced by her father to this world as a child: she began to take singing and bass lessons, laying the foundations for what will be her success. In 1998, in fact, he rose to prominence in the band “Eta Beta”, formed together with other guys from Rome.

They then change the name of the formation to “Gazosa” and are discovered by Caterina Caselli. In 2003 comes a new turning point for Morlacchi who tries a solo career, after the band decides to disband. Recently, the singer from Rome has returned to the limelight thanks to “Tale e Quali Show” in which she participated in 2019 putting herself in great prominence and ranking in fourth place. In 2020 he also attended the champions’ tournament. Meanwhile, her fans continue to follow her faithfully on her Instagram profile.

Jessica Morlacchi answers without leaving any doubts: all-natural

Morlacchi launched a Q&A in the last few hours, in which she answered several questions asked by fans. One of these was aimed at knowing if the singer had rebuilt the abundant breasts that often highlights in the contents posted on Instagram. The bassist writes a clear ” Absolutely not “, leaving no kind of doubt. Later the fans also ask her if she would get engaged to a carabiniere and she replies: “Of course, if I fall in love I don’t care what job she does”. An all-around Morlacchi that reveals different sides of itself to its fans.