Anna Falchi removes everything: covered only by pink petals [PHOTO]


Anna Falchi returns to surprise everyone with her beautiful body: on her Instagram profile she shows herself without veils only with the petals to cover her

For years Anna Falchi has entered into the good graces of the Italians and has become one of the most loved and desired showgirls in history. In fact, the showgirl continues to surprise even the social media people with her beauty and sensuality, showing off her amazing body in the shared photos.

Even today a new post arrives that drives everyone crazy and surprises, thanks to the idea of ​​putting oneself unveiled lying on the ground. The followers are breathless.

Anna Falchi takes off everything and remains without veils: only petals to cover her with rose

Anna Falchi continues to drive social media people crazy with her body and her breathtaking curves. In fact, on her Instagram profile, she publishes hot photos every day, especially when her beloved Lazio plays, a team she has always supported. In fact, today what is surprising is the fact that everyone expected a photo for her favorite team that will face Sassuolo today, and instead comes the provocative photo.

On her official profile comes the post in which she shows herself without veils lying on the ground, with only pink petals to partially cover her. Many followers have certainly hoped for a gust of wind to take it all away, but for now, they are satisfied with it. The photo is published for the international day of education, emphasizing that women are like a flower and must be touched with love. I like them as always immediately go up to over 7 thousand after just a few minutes from the publication of the post.