Alena Seredova, the selfie drives fans crazy: “Our Sunday” [PHOTOS]


The well-known actress and showgirl, Alena Seredova, shared a beautiful family photo with her followers. A sweet shot in the company of her loves.

The beautiful showgirl, Alena Seredova, was born in the Czech Republic on March 21, 1978. From the very beginning, as a teenager, thanks to her elegance and her indisputable beauty, she became part of the fashion world. In Italy, she is mainly known for her now ex-husband. In fact, the former model was the first wife of one of the most important champions of our country and the whole world, Gigi Buffon. Their relationship didn’t end with a happy ending. However, they gave the lue two beautiful children.

Their marriage went adrift due to the historic sports journalist Ilaria D’Amico. In fact, the Juventus goalkeeper was pinched with the TV presenter with whom she subsequently embarked on a relationship and with whom she had a son. Today, Alena has found serenity next to the manager Alessandro Nasi. The couple welcomed their first daughter in 2020.

Seredova’s happiness is her family, the photo excites the fans

Despite the initial difficulties, now the showgirl is happy again thanks to her partner. The two had a beautiful baby girl born in 2020. Alena has repeatedly declared that family is the most precious thing in her life. The last photo she shared with her fans, in fact, portrays her in the company of her greatest loves, namely her children. The two boys had with the Juventus goalkeeper, Gigi Buffon, and the child had by her partner Alessandro Nasi.

A typical family day. Thus spends her Sunday the beautiful Seredova who devotes as much time as possible to her loved ones. In fact, during an interview with Verissimo she declared that although her relatives did not live in Italy, she tried to visit them often or organize trips together.

Here is the Alena Seredova total look to fight the cold!