Wild Rome in a bikini is enchanting: an explosive body [PHOTO]


Wild Rome once again enchants everyone with the latest post published on her Instagram profile. The well-known influencer shows off in a bikini and highlights an absolutely stunning body

Selvaggia Roma is always very active on her profile, showing practically every post all her beauty through hot photos. Fans gasp at the girl’s latest bikini photo. Its success has flared up in recent years, after the successful participation in Temptation Island, one of the most popular programs on Mediaset networks. She is one of the absolute protagonists in the 2017 edition together with the now ex-boyfriend Francesco Chiofalo.

Her strong personality, the frankness that characterizes her, and the obvious beauty have allowed her to expand her success more and more, especially on social media and in the world of television. Recently, she also participated in the ‘Big Brother Vip’. Also on this occasion, she showed a not bad temper, immediately igniting the clash with Elisabetta Gregoraci inside the house. Meanwhile, her Instagram profile continues to collect followers and likes: Selvaggia has no intention of appeasing her success. Below is the latest update.

Wild Rome in a bikini on the boat: a heart attack body

On her Instagram profile, Selvaggia Roma often highlights her passion for fitness and a body that is nothing short of breathtaking. Even the last post is proof of this. The girl shows herself, in fact, wearing a black bikini and a decidedly sexy pose on the boat. An image of sun and sea that will create nostalgia for many as we are in the middle of winter, but which highlights for the umpteenth time all the beauty of Selvaggia. And the fans can only fill it with hearts and compliments in the comments. Below is the post.


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