Paola Di Benedetto drops her jacket and stretches everyone out: beautiful [PHOTO]


Model Paola Di Benedetto has left everyone speechless. Her jacket falls off and her followers go crazy. Gorgeous!

Model Paola Di Benedetto has spread all her fans with the latest post. Drop the cardigan and the shoulders and legs remain uncovered. A shot that shows its beauty but at the same time does it with great simplicity. Many have written to her telling her that she is always more beautiful but that she seems to have forgotten about them.

Paola is now increasingly busy with TV, radio, and her book. Among her projects of the year, also told by her in a nice post, Paola took part in the program “Disconnessi On the Road” in the company of Giulia Salemi and Paolo Ciavarro. Where to find Paola now? On Rtl!


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Paola Di Benedetto, her book

Paola Di Benedetto’s career seems to never stop. Winner of the penultimate edition of   Big Brother Vip, model, influencer, beloved on social media, she hosted TV and radio programs, and last year she also published a book. The title is “If you believe it. It takes head and heart ”. Although the books of influencers are often frowned upon, this time Paola could give everyone a moral slap.

The book talks a little about her but also wants to be a good way through her experience to empower many girls to pursue their dreams, using reason and feeling in a balanced way. How you do it? Paola tells how you manage to become a successful person when you are clumsy as a kid or when many doors close before you take the right path.

It is thanks to these that one grows and learns to fight for one’s future. It is a book in which Paola tells private facts of her life, her love stories, her dreams, and her fears. But also advice for the reader, ideas, and reflections that can be useful to achieve your goals.