Karina Cascella blew out 41 candles, the special moment drives us crazy: “Make a wish” [PHOTO]


Karina Cascella yesterday celebrated her birthday with her wonderful family, her splendid smile enchanted her many fans

Karina Cascella yesterday celebrated her 41st birthday with her wonderful family. This year was a different birthday than the past ones, due to the Coronavirus emergency she was unable to invite friends and family.

In recent days it was she herself who let it be known that she would like to have a small party on the occasion of her birthday at ‘ Matambre ‘, the place she has recently opened together with her partner Max and other partners in Bergamo. This is an Argentine specialty restaurant.

The well-known columnist through her Instagram stories had made it known that she would celebrate at her home with her partner and daughter Ginevra, there might also have been a friend of her daughter. A very intimate but still special birthday because spent together with the people she loves most in the world. A few hours ago on her Instagram profile, Karina Cascella posted some shots of the evening, as always she is wonderful.

Karina Cascella gorgeous while expressing her birthday wish, crazy fans

Karina Cascella has published a series of shots on Instagram that show her smiling while expressing her birthday wish in front of the cake. In the caption of the post, she revealed to her many fans that she is happy as a child and that she has made a wish.

The years pass but time for the well-known columnist never seems to pass, at the age of 41 she is still breathtaking. In addition to being beautiful, she also has a fabulous body, thanks also to the workouts she carries out to keep fit.

On her Instagram profile, Karina Cascella often drives her fans crazy with her spicy and sensual photos. With its stunning curves and incredible beauty, it never goes unnoticed. Yesterday the columnist celebrated her birthday with her family and was in seventh heaven. In her latest post she sports a wonderful smile as she makes a wish, the special moment drives fans crazy.