Francesca Brambilla shot only in bra: the PHOTO drives the web crazy


The sexy showgirl Francesca Brambilla has published a shot only in bra. The photo sent her fans into a frenzy

Hotshot in the evening the one published by the showgirl Francesca Brambilla. In the foreground her very long blond hair, rings, and the showpiece, only the bra. Her fans are delighted with this image but as a good “Bona Sorte” of the Avanti un Altro program, the showgirl must continue to show her sexy side at all times.

An opportunity that she certainly does not miss, since her shots are increasingly hot. Whether it’s a summer souvenir, a selfie at home, or a shot in the mountains, Francesca always takes the opportunity to show off her sexy side. Deciding that her followers can do anything but be sorry


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Francesca Brambilla, sexy in the mountains

Just in the days back, Francesca showed her sculpted physique through mountain shots. Among the favorites of her audience, the one in which she allows herself a moment of relaxation in the whirlpool wearing only the thong but otherwise, topless. Behind her, a magnificent place, also used in other of her shots.

A physique and a location certainly to be envied, but rethinking some past vacation can only be a pleasant moment. Francesca takes a few breaks to post past photos and recharge before she resumes work. Also this year she will play the role of Bona Sorte in the program conducted by Paolo Bonolis. Filming for 2021 will begin in March.

Her audience is happy to be able to see her again on TV, but fortunately, the lack was not felt very much since the showgirl kept company with her hot shots. The passion for “beauty” has always been in its strings. Her career began years ago when she participated in fashion shows and competitions during the summer. Her journey on TV began in 2008 when she took part in Tiki-Taka and Quelli Che il Calcio.