Erica Piamonte with her hands in her hair is a dream: the eye falls there [PHOTO]


Erica Piamonte shows herself in the umpteenth breathtaking shots published on her Instagram profile. The girl knocks everyone out, highlighting a very hot neckline. Here are her photos

Erica Piamonte has stood out in recent years for an absolutely over the top personality, attracting the public with her beauty. The girl is now a very famous influencer with thousands of followers on her Instagram profile, a profile where she often shows off with particular shots that capture the attention of her audience. Born in 1988 in the province of Florence, Piamonte from a young age stood out for a decidedly rebellious personality.

She works as a saleswoman and at the same time as an image girl in discos. Participation in Big Brother in 2019, however, changes everything and allows her to enter the world of entertainment by right. The Piamonte, in fact, widely manages to stand out, becoming one of the protagonists of its edition and managing to make its way until the final evening. There is no shortage of gossip about her, including stolen kisses, insinuations, and alleged flirtations. Certainly, the girl keeps the public constantly updated with frequent posts on her Instagram profile.

Erica Piamonte leaves everyone breathless: the trio of photos is to faint

The latest trio of photos once again manages to amaze her fans. Piamonte wears a decidedly tight green dress, but which highlights a breathtaking neckline. In the first photo, she holds her hands in her hair and asks for help from fans ahead of a date that obviously worries her. The situation heats up in the second image, where she bends forward and frees the neckline. Turn your head to her right in the third shot. Then she asks the followers in the caption: “Which shot do you prefer?”. Below is the post.