Wanda Nara very sensual poses in front of the mirror [VIDEO]


Wanda Nara performs in front of the mirror with a couple of captivating poses. The Icardi woman of the house drives Instagram followers “crazy”

Wanda Nara “on fire” ignites the enthusiasm of the people of Instagram with a couple of captivating poses in front of the house mirror. Yet another business card for those who do not stop following it for a moment. On the last few occasions, we have admired it in contact with winter nature, in Paris. Heavy snowfall hits the French capital and she can’t help but take advantage of the fantastic glance, immortalizing every moment, from any angle.

Since her return from Argentina, Wanda has returned to being a full-fledged mother and from time to time has indulged in some glamorous and fashionable clothing, which was not possible to buy online. Once again, the appointment with the “fortunes” of the clothing atelier did not betray the expectations, while the husband was busy treading the training field

Wanda Nara, dizzying sexy selfie gives “color” back to sad days


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Despite the return to “normal” life, in the role of mother and agent of the “Mauricio”, the beautiful and very blonde Wanda Nara never really misses anything. At the first opportunity to stock up on clothes, she rushes to the clothing stores, the most representative of Paris, and makes “first-class” purchases.

After a wide choice at the service of the customer, it seems that the South American soubrette and web influencer has come to the conclusion of the best product, quality-price. Having completed the purchases at the checkout, she thrills with the desire to show her delirious public what she has chosen for them.

Here she is, therefore, performing a “double selfie” in front of the mirror at home, giving two truly sensual poses. Which highlights, a dizzying beauty and facing a crossroads, the followers of Instagram.


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The “provocative” excuse in the post: “I can’t give color to these gray days” is only a formality for fans. For our Wanda, a nice “30 and praise” on the report card with her dream fashion accessories, which immediately become reality