Wanda Nara, the post with her makes you crazy: explosion of sweetness [PHOTO]


Wanda Nara indulges some sweetness on Instagram and posts a tender photo. Yesterday was a special day at Icardi.

Wanda Nara abandons her sexy bombshell clothes for a day to dedicate her Instagram profile to a special moment. Yesterday, in the Icardi house, a special birthday was celebrated. Little Francesca, daughter of Wanda and Mauro Icardi, turned six. Sweet were the words that mother Wanda dedicated to her, as well as having organized a small but unforgettable birthday party for her.

“ The girl of my dreams turns six today and I can only be proud of you, ” Nara wrote next to a close-up photo of Francesca, who is already as beautiful as her mother. Then, the showgirl jokes about her daughter’s unconditional love for animals: “ If it were up to you we would also have ponies, chickens, and rabbits at home ”.

Wanda Nara very sweet with little Francesca

For one day the Icardi house was transformed into a real playground. Wanda likes to go big, even if only she, Mauro, and five children (three of which had by the footballer Maxi Lopez) were present at the party.

However, the party was no less fun, even if so small. From the Instagram stories of the Argentine model, who told live all day, we understand how close the family is and how much fun they had. To round off the festivities, Wanda posted a selfie with little Francesca in which they both hold marshmallows that they roasted over the fire during the day. The two smile and with Nara soap and water you can see the similarity between her and Fran (as she usually calls her on social networks).

The little girl, despite having only turned six yesterday, already has her own Instagram profile with almost 24 thousand followers.


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