Shaila Gatta lying in the studio takes away the words: the pose shows everything [PHOTO]


Lying in the studio of ‘Striscia la Notizia’ the beautiful Shaila Gatta drives social media people crazy: in that pose, you can see everything

For almost four years now, the beautiful brunette Velina, Shaila Gatta, has been dancing on the counter of Striscia la Notizia, together with Mikaela Neaze Silva, the couple’s blonde. Through her Instagram profile, the former Amici dancer often shows her gaps to the social media people, whom she appreciates a lot as always.

Today the tissue returns to show itself right in the studio, with a post that sees her in a hot pose, where the clothes cannot hide anything.

Shaila Gatta lying on the counter ignites Instagram: the dress hides nothing

Those first three or four minutes of ‘Striscia la Notizia’ attract the attention of the Italian public thanks to the beauty of the two Veline, Shaila Gatta and Mikaela Neaze Silva. The black velina also uses other means to be loved, namely social networks. In fact, on Instagram, she is often seen posting dances and photos that show off her breathtaking physique.

Even today she repeats herself with a new post on her Instagram profile, where she shows herself in all her sensuality. In fact, the dancer lies down on the counter of the studio wearing a hypnotic black and white dress, which goes up and shows practically everything to the social media people. In the description, the tissue gives a good morning to everyone with a lot of heart. I like them as always, they don’t take long to arrive and you reach 15 thousand after a few hours of publication.