Sabrina Salerno knows herself: a screaming thigh cut [PHOTO]


Sabrina Salerno has learned to know herself over time: but in the shot you can also “know” her uncovered thigh. Delirious follower.

It’s always a “know yourself first if you want to judge others”. But we might add that it is enough to know oneself. Perhaps, at the time of judgment, it is good that it is gone and even over. People want to live more freely, away from judgments and prejudices. Of course, to take such a step, as mentioned above, we must first learn about the sides of our character.

Sabrina Salerno knows this well. The Italian showgirl and singer are not new to some “confessions” directly on the official Instagram channel. Every now and then, alongside some really risque shots, she lets herself go to some reflections on life. Even on her own, in fact, of life.

In the last photo, she examined the concept of “know yourself”, to learn to understand what you really want from life. But the eye of the followers also fell on the gap between the dress and thighs. A truly sensual shot that left everyone speechless.

Between thoughts and naked thigh: Sabrina Salerno “sensual intellectual”


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When there is Salerno in the picture, we recognize the pose immediately. Very often she brings her hand, closed, under her chin, and from there her thoughts begin. The last ones turn their gaze to inner research, to know itself. An aspect that many times, in the course of her life, she has neglected, only to understand it in time or not in time. Still a life lesson.

Of course, the gap between the thigh and the black dress has also left other kinds of thoughts to her followers, without getting too naughty. But the beauty and sensuality of Salerno are always close at hand.

Beautiful, sensual, and even a little… spoiled. As written on the shirt she wears on this second shot. A photo that left everyone speechless. The reason is certainly not hidden, on the contrary, just focus on the word … Spoiled!