Michelle Hunziker in the foreground is beautiful: but her words are striking [PHOTOS]


Michelle Hunziker is a raging river on Instagram. Post a close-up where she is gorgeous, but her words make you think.

Michelle Hunziker this morning is a river of words. A little while ago, on Instagram, she indulged in a reflection on the stability that involved most of her followers. The presenter, fresh from conducting the last edition of the show All together now, let herself go to an outlet on how unstable the political situation in Italy is right after the resolution of the government crisis.

“ I need stability,” wrote Hunziker and then her thoughts went to many of the people who, in this period, live in a situation of uncertainty, especially in the workplace.

Michelle Hunziker beautiful… and deep

Michelle is beautiful wrapped in a blue sweater. What is striking, however, are her words: an accusation against politicians who think only of arguing with each other and thought of closeness to those who fight for work every day.

Hunziker starts from a reflection on herself. ” For many years I have been impulsive and passionate and in search of my independence, but this has brought me to where I am today “. Then, continues the presenter, “today I realize how important stability is”. It, therefore, refers to the particular historical period we are experiencing due to the current health emergency and, precisely for this reason, how important is family, work, political and economic stability (“non-existent in our country” writes Michelle).

Michelle’s jab at the politicians

Hunziker’s thought ends with a real attack on the Italian political class. “I am very worried about the situation of the government”. Michelle is cutting edge, she goes on to say that the country needs unity, but uncertainties come from the government. Welfare is not needed, but economic growth prospects and beats their fist in favor of aid to businesses and freelancers, the categories most affected by the crisis due to the pandemic. Then, to conclude, she asks her followers for an opinion, who mostly seem to agree with her.