Martina Colombari confesses: “Tomb of true love, Costacurta bacchettone”


Martina Colombari talks about herself in Serena Bortone’s living room: all about Alessandro Costacurta and the former Alberto Tomba. A memory for Fabrizio Frizzi

One of the most beautiful Miss Italy in history Martina Colombari crowned queen at the age of 16. Since then a career in continuous growth, with many roles as an actress also in very popular fiction, such as ” Carabinieri “. Versatile and beautiful, she is married to the former footballer – today a commentator – Alessandro Costacurta, with whom she had a son, Achille.

And her wife spoke about it in Serena Bortone’s living room, at “ Today is another day “. ” It is a deep love ” the admission of the woman who explained how she is more “extroverted” than her husband who is decidedly more ” bigoted “. However, it was Costacurta who took the first step, managing to get Colombari’s number through mutual friendships and inviting her to dinner; the first step from which everything was born.

And what mom is the actress? “ I made mistakes but feeling guilty doesn’t make sense. I try to do my best, I’m a classic Italian parent. Children? We have to give them the means, then they have to fly “.

Martina Colombari and the memory of Fabrizio Frizzi

The Colombari, however, before her marriage to Billy Costacurta, has been engaged for a long time with former ski champion Alberto Tomba. In Serena Bortone’s living room she also recalled the period in which she was together with the Bolognese snow phenomenon.

“ Three years of engagement she and I but we have never seen each other again. However, we text every now and then, ”revealed the actress. “ It is Costacurta, however, the great love of my life; she aimed at me because she saw me on TV when she was in training with Milan ”she revealed.

A memory also for the late Fabrizio Frizzi, who passed away too soon. It was the presenter, in fact, who crowned her Miss Italy. “ She was the most humane and kind person in the world, wonderful with us competing in the contest. Always wonderful, it’s nice to think of her every time “.