Laura Cremaschi, “pit stop” of fire: shirt completely open [PHOTO]


Laura Cremaschi set the web on fire with one of her spicy and seductive shots. Jumpsuit open on the front and exaggerated neckline: “Pit Stop”

She illuminated the afternoon of her fans with one of her provocative shots, the amazing Laura Cremaschi. In an almost Top Gun outfit, with a green jumpsuit almost reminiscent of the one used by Tom Cruise in the famous 1986 film, the model won over her fans thanks to her sensuality and elegance. The suit, which the woman has compared to that of a mechanic (from what can be seen in its caption) is completely open at the front, for an exaggerated neckline that has made the heads of its millions of fans.

In the caption, in addition to the credits for the photo to her friend Claudia Ruggeri, the inscription: “Pit Stop”. Fans, as usual, flooded the post with endless comments and likes. Already 18 thousand hearts in a few minutes and more than 200 comments.

Laura Cremaschi makes social media explode: fans in ecstasy

They are two of the most followed showgirls on social media. Claudia Ruggeri and Laura Cremaschi, inseparable friends both on the set and on social media, continue to dominate the scene on the net and on TV. Both owe their fame on the small screen to Mediaset programs and conducted by Paolo Bonolis. In fact, between Avanti un Altro and Ciao Darwin, many models in the limelight in recent years who have come out of their respective programs boasting great fame and notoriety.

Meanwhile, Laura continues to amaze her fans more and more every day, with always provocative and hotshots. The last, bordering on legality, blew up social media, with that exaggerated neckline and that penetrating gaze that literally stretched the fans. The tag in the post then, to my friend Claudia Ruggeri, is inevitable.