Gaia Gozzi, the singer presents the better half: Instagram in tilt [PHOTO]


The winner of Amici, Gaia Gozzi, shows the people of social networks her sweet half with a photo: Instagram goes crazy for sweetness

Brava and beautiful Gaia Gozzi, a singer who triumphed in the last edition of Amici, the nineteenth. Before arriving at the talent of Maria De Filippi, the singer arrives in the final at X-Factor, but without being able to win, so she decides to try again on Mediaset’s talent, with success. Leaving there, she immediately climbs the charts with her single ‘Chega’, which makes all of Italy dance as much as possible. In recent weeks, however, the artist sees the turning point also in love and finally decides to reveal the identity of her partner to social media people. On Instagram, she is followed by more than 711 thousand followers, who when they see the photo in the stories go crazy with joy.

Gaia Gozzi reveals the identity of her better half: she is the music producer Daniele Dezi

With a sweet kiss, Gaia Gozzi reveals to the world the identity of her sweetheart or Daniele Dezi. In fact, in a story on Instagram, the singer publishes a photo in which the two kiss, triggering the reaction of the social networks that start the celebrations. But who is he? Daniele Dezi is a well-known music producer in the world, also the producer of the famous singer Coez. Also in the singer’s last concert, Daniele also played her as a guitarist. So a man of music joins her, who has always lived for it and has also made it her profession overcoming many obstacles. After the exultation for their relationship, now the fans hope to exult also in Sanremo, where Gaia will be competing with the song ‘Cuore Amaro’.