Claudia Ruggeri, the top sends her “into orbit” … and us too! [PHOTOS]


Breathtaking Claudia Ruggeri: the top leaves all followers breathless. Instagram ignites, the Roman more and more disturbing

A super beauty, a fairytale body, and a dazzling beauty that of Claudia Ruggeri; the most famous is as ” Miss Claudia “, the godmother of the “mini mondo” in ” Avanti un Altro “, the pre-evening game show of Canale 5 which will return in March with the new episodes.

A thoroughbred Roman, she has the traits of classic Mediterranean beauty and is loved for this too, as well as for her spontaneity. Unfortunately for her fans, however, the girl is already busy, even married to the brother of Sonia Bruganelli, wife of Paolo Bonolis.

And in the show conducted by the well-known presenter, she also covered the roles of the sexy policewoman and the provocative teacher, sending everyone into raptures. Dark hair, Ruggeri “challenges” blondes Francesca BrambillaSara Croce, and Laura Cremaschi, for a poker forbidden to the faint of heart.

Claudia Ruggeri, breathless in white


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She is, in fact, a friend with her other colleagues and travel companions, so much so that there are photos on their respective Instagram profiles in which they show themselves in the company, in the breaks between recordings. Even provocative, wearing little or nothing. She recently performed in bra with “ Cremaschina “.

There are, however, images in which she appears more undressed than ever; miniskirts and bradecollete to highlight her more than generous shapes that leave you speechless. And even in the last image, she wanted to exaggerate. In the Elios studios in Rome, where “ Avanti un Altro ” is recorded, she put on a show.

A pair of white trousers and a coordinated mini top of the same color to leave the belly uncovered and, above all, a generous neckline that has conquered the followers. To make it more erotic, the right-hand strokes her hair. With this photo, she wanted to wish a “Good evening” to all Italians.