Bianca Atzei raises her arms and the dress goes up: gorgeous [PHOTO]


Bianca Atzei more and more beautiful and sparkling on Instagram: the singer appears all in white, with a really sensual dress.

Of clothes, sensual, spicy, risque, sparkling, on Instagram, we really see a lot. Every day, with a click, you can access the profiles of models, influencers, showgirls who show off their most succulent clothes. Not all, of course, have the same style. Sometimes more covered, others more open. It depends on the tastes and above all on the moment.

But not just people who by “profession” have to pose for a few shots to be sent to important companies. There are also those who engage in sparkling photos, doing other things in life. And one of these is definitely Bianca Atzei, a professional singer.

But on Instagram, just combing through her profile a bit, she gives free rein to some really exciting photos. Between the bubbly and the matchmaker. Like the one out in the last few hours, where she raises her arms to the sky and shows off her dress.

Bianca Atzei all in white: the dress combined with travel


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Two shots, completely in white. Reference is made to the color she wears to appear in another photo, or rather two, which portray her in all her beauty. Talk about travel, about when you can return to travel as before, about how you can do it. But also what music you listen to while traveling, especially in the car.

Bianca, in name and in fact, is increasingly sensual. Her way of raising her arms to the sky drives her followers crazy who dedicate words full of love and full of feeling to her. In the next shot we will see what color she will choose, in the meantime, she also enjoys it in front of a fireplace with a lit fire.


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Here it is, as mentioned above. The bewitching gaze turned towards the camera. The shot in black and white, but behind her, there is a fireplace, with a fiery red ready to burn and warm the environment around her.