Belen poses against the light: the transparencies reveal a wonderful body [PHOTO]


A very sexy Belen Rodriguez has inflamed the afternoon of her fans. Transparent dress and curves on display: simply gorgeous

Gorgeous as always, Belen Rodriguez has ignited social media with one of her sensual and bewitching shots. Always very elegant in all her posts and poses, the wonderful Argentinian model shocked the fans with a post with really hot content. The showgirl was in fact shown in an elegant transparent dress, highlighting her extraordinary curves.

A perfect silhouette at the top of the stairs, against the light, for a seductive play of shadows. Strictly in black and white, like most of her Instagram posts, in the post the woman’s face is turned towards the lens with an electrifying gaze. Thousands of fans flocked to the post, which is just a few minutes has already reached the beauty of 13 thousand hearts and 60 comments.

Belen Rodriguez, pregnancy or not continues to amaze on social media

While confirmation of Belen’s pregnancy seems to arrive, the Argentine model continues to entertain her fans on her social channels. In fact, the model seems to be pregnant, after some exclusives from various tabloid newspapers. The question, as expected, is holding court throughout the gossip scene, while obviously confirmation from the parties concerned is awaited.

These days the showgirl has not answered questions, although recently many have given the news as certain. One of these is Santo Pirrotta, a journalist who spoke to TV8, who would now seem certain. In any case, Belen is enjoying her perfect line at the moment, complete with seductive and bewitching shots. The latest post, amazing as always, literally inflamed social media