Ainett Stephens, simplicity and beauty: super low-cut dress [PHOTO]


Ainett Stephens is a pure and delicate beauty sentence on Instagram. The actress puts her followers in a good mood: gorgeous

The Venezuelan showgirl and attraction, Ainett Stephens is a “bolide” of absolute beauty, a sentence that is renewed in purity and delicacy, with each passing day. Nevertheless, the preferences of the fans often deflect the balance in the direction of a more “pushed” and transgressive sensuality. She manages to “capture” attention on herself, thanks to a completely natural “format” of charm.

The South American presenter, naturalized Italian, has had great success, in front of the cameras, posing for various commercials and more. Lately, however, her profile as a TV professional has slipped a little away from the entertainment world and has continued to guarantee appeal through social networks.

Not surprisingly, a smile that is always glowing, which transmits good humor, has made a “hit” on 142 followers today. A respectable booty, for a divinity of ” Mother Nature ” who came from far away, but second to none

Ainett Stephens, the expression of the angelic face mixed with the smile of the best days


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The advent of social networks and in particular on Instagram has led Ainett Stephens to have the favor and appreciation of thousands and thousands of fans in no time at all. The greatest shots of its natural beauty can be admired on the social network where at this moment it has greater media relevance. A success, which has the “flavor” of revenge from the “exclusion” from TV.

While waiting for everything to go well, from a professional point of view, Ainett plays a double role. According to Instagram sources, the Venezuelan diva is the mother of a son named Christopher, to whom she devotes most of her time. Secondly, the “lightning-fast” shots with that smile that puts everyone in a good mood cannot go unnoticed.

For the last occasion, the showgirl boasts a sexy and super low-cut white dress, which highlights another important part of her repertoire. In other words, two overwhelming curves that are hard to hold back and of which the amazed followers are amply satisfied