Rihanna’s tattoo: did you know she has it right there? [PHOTOS]


Rihanna appears in all her beauty in an Instagram photo: she highlights a tattoo that is in a truly forbidden place.

We cover some key points of our body properly and we grant the luxury of admiring them only to some people. Perhaps only one: our partner or our partner. But today, with all the images circulating on the web, you can really glimpse and observe a little of everything.

Just one click, access an Instagram profile, and that’s it. The same game produced Rihanna’s shot. The American singer and actress are very much followed on her social media profile just mentioned.

The more the days pass, the more its container increases, incorporating more and more followers, for now, stopped at 261 thousand. A nice booty, where you can see it in all its splendor, with shapes and looks in plain sight. In one of the last shots, however, she showed something truly sensual in a somewhat forbidden place. But just a little bit.

Two wings to form a tattoo under the sense: Rihanna does her show


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The tattoo is right there, under her breast. Nothing scandalous, of course, but really risque. Two wings ready to take flight in an intense show by the singer herself, who has never hidden the ability to appreciate even her abundant forms .

Rihanna increasingly appreciated for her straightforwardness and sensual aggression. It shows off, almost always, also wearing very flashy colors. All this can also be seen through the numerous shots incorporated on the Instagram profile.

Here, however, it appears in black. But he’s a true panther black . With fishnet tights in plain sight and really short toppino. When she takes the stage she really seems to be ready to eat the stage.