Ivana Mrazova in a leopard-print costume that makes followers dream [PHOTOS]


The model and former gieffina Ivana Mrazova, published a summer memory. Her followers daydream about her costume

Summer souvenir for model Ivana Mrazova. The photo is worthy of like: she in a leopard-print swimsuit and a very sexy pose that shows off her perfect body. The location also immediately suggests summer. Sea, swimming pool and sun. As the former gieffina herself wrote, however, it is only a memory.

In a gray and dull Milan, Ivana in overalls, leafed through the gallery of her phone and this beautiful memory appeared. For her there is certainly a bit of nostalgia for summer, for her followers instead, there can be only happiness for the shot. In common, there is only the hope that the warm season will be back soon to go out (perhaps), enjoy the holidays, the heat, and see Ivana more in costume.

Ivana Mrazova, your fall has gone viral

It is always not recommended to walk, dance, or move with the mobile phone in hand. You risk ending up in some unpleasant situation. This is exactly what happened to model Ivana Mrazova a while ago. While making a story on social media, Ivana tripped and fell down the stairs. The nice thing is that the former gieffina continued to resume the moment without disconnecting and in a short time, her fall has collected thousands and thousands of views and shares.

She too enjoyed it so much that in addition to the story, she decided to publish it on the feed. Ironically she wrote two things: the first on the video ” Don’t make a fuss on the stairs”, the second instead of in the caption: ” 2020 in two steps”. The irony is the basis of everything and showing oneself to the public even in-home “ducks” is an excellent method to establish an even stronger bond. Note that Ivana needs it. The model has in fact entered the hearts of Italians since her participation in the second edition of Big Brother Vip.