Federica Panicucci, neckline at the navel: “You are wonderful!” [PHOTOS]


Federica Panicucci lets herself go to a place full of love and nostalgia: but what is striking is a sensual neckline that reaches the navel.

To each her time, or rather her time. What we have been going through lately are certainly not good times. Many of us, in the year just past and the one that began, have certainly lost some loved ones, in addition to their normalcy. Every so often, even if we try to reconstruct, the thought of the pandemic is always there. And let’s not talk about it every other day. But of moments.

The same ones that Federica Panicucci wanted to share with her followers. Hand in hand with her partner Marco Bacini, she let herself go in a short but intense post, in which she expressed her current state of mind.

The TV presenter indulges in a reflection, more emotional than conceptual, on the period that we all go through. She really lacks that normality that was there before and that, perhaps, as we knew it, will never return. But in the shot, it was also her neckline that was striking, not at all covered, and “elongated” up to almost the navel.

Panicucci puts everyone KO: the neckline makes the Instagram profile tremble

Two shots, both with partner Marco Bacini, a Milanese entrepreneur in the field of fashion. Two shots where, in addition to the hug and handshake that correspond to the message left in the caption by the presenter herself, there is also a powerful neckline.

It starts from above and ends almost at the navel. The more Panicucci advances with age, the more it does not seem to retreat with the line and with its all-around beauty. Followers shower her with compliments, hoping that we can return to some normalcy.

Here she is, instead, wearing a more than flashy dress. She says it herself in the caption: “Life is too short to wear boring clothes”, citing someone who unfortunately does not know. But then, who is it that sanctions what is or what is not a boring dress?