Erjona Sulejmani in the car: philosophical phrase and scary cleavage [PHOTO]


Model and influencer Erjona Sulejmani continue to enchant her followers on Instagram. Provocative photos accompanied by philosophical phrases.

The ex-wife of midfielder Dzemaili is a model of Albanian origin and now an established influencer, thanks to the following she has on her Instagram profile. The marriage did not last long, from 2015 to 2017, but in those years the whole world of football, fans, and enthusiasts had noticed the Albanian and his breathtaking beauty. The girl said she fled her country of origin due to the war when she was only nine years old.

From a young age, she uses her beauty and her body to be able to break into the entertainment world, managing to conquer the world of social media. The ex-husband, on the other hand, won her over by posing as a journalist and asking her for the number for an interview. Erjona did not know anything about football and did not know Dzemaili, he promised her he would marry her and he did. The couple had a baby, but sadly three years ago they separated and the model claimed to be ” happily single “.

Erjona Sulejmani amazes fans with a deep phrase about love [PHOTO]

Erjona Sulejmani’s profile is very popular, she has about 300 thousand followers in love with the shapes of the Albanian model who always gives very provocative shots. Some users, jokingly, wrote a photo below that is “ I‘ve been seeing photos in costume since March “. The Sulejmani is not afraid to show off, however, it is his body that gave him the opportunity to be known and to take a bit ‘of notoriety.

The last shot surprised all her fans a bit, the photo is a simple selfie but the dizzying neckline of the Albanian- born model attracts attention. Then the long reflection, in the caption, on love and life that not everyone has understood. Erjona talks about different relationships and love, more or less intense and the only thing we wonder is if she copied it from the internet.

From the love with Dzemaili, his son Luan was born in 2015, the only man in his life at least currently.